Chris Lipomi, YSKKI WAKIPI
Curated by Sara Krajewski

Through painting, sculpture, and installation, Los Angeles-based artist Chris Lipomi attempts to re-imagine distinct moments in art history. His humorous and unexpected take on conceptual art blends unique objects with appropriated and found materials to reconsider various eras, styles, and artists: from primitivism to Mike Kelley, from surrealism to Thomas Kinkade. At Open Satellite, Lipomi will reference a controversial 1942 collaboration between Marcel Duchamp and André Breton, continuing an investigation of specific watershed exhibitions that have influenced his development as an artist.

Lipomi orchestrates a proliferation of wildly diverse materials into markedly cohesive installations. In recent, critically acclaimed exhibitions, he has explored the manipulation of the primitive and exotic in modern art, recreating icons of early art (the Venus of Willendorf, cave painting, and tribal masks) and tracing their reappearance in recent times, from the work of Picasso to Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jason Rhoades. By slipping into other artists’ personae, Lipomi chooses to emphasize a central fact of being an artist—that every artist performs within self-selected spheres of relationships, references, and formulas. His un-ironic stance pokes fun at insider attitudes, the aggrandizement of the art market, and the myth of artistic genius and originality.

Chris Lipomi was born in Miami in 1975 and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. He studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and the University of California, Los Angeles (BFA 2004). He has had recent solo exhibitions at Mesler & Hug, Los Angeles; Renwick Gallery, New York; and Michael Lett, Auckland, New Zealand, as well as at venues in Zurich, Cologne, and Frankfurt.


Exhibition Dates
November 12, 2008 – January 17, 2009

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Opening Event
Wednesday, November 12, 6-9 PM

Artist Lecture
Thursday, November 13, 7 PM

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Photography credits: Chris Lipomi